Posted: 7 years ago
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This is actually very cool, the watch assembly was designed by Wilson and he used Kickstarter to find people to fund the project. By pledging at least $25 you were able to pre-order TikTok or by pledging $50 you were pre-ordering the LunaTik.

He needed $15K to reach his goal and before he knew it he had a whopping $950k dollars to start the project.

It uses your nano as a watch, the assembly is made out of aluminum and can be a “semi-permanent” assembly that has screws on the side for the person that wants to use the nano as a watch, OR, you can order the TikTok a plastic version of the LunaTik that can pop your nano on and off from the assembly, completely gives the Nano a new meaning to life! If you want to buy one after the video below, check out their website at Lunatik