Posted: 7 years ago
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DeLorean with a little bit of Kitt, a little Jet Car and a little Ecto-1. that’s what you get when you let Ernie have his way with his vehicle.

He modded his vehicle to create the Ecto88, a “time traveling, ghost-busting, dimension hopping ectomobile.”

The insdie of the vehicle sports a 12 volt, Flux Capacitor and the winged doors open via remote control, the vehicle also has a blue Kitt scanner that can be toggled on via a remote control, not cecessarily legal in Texas as he Drives around in Down Town Austin, TX, but that doesn’t seem to stop him, he claims that it’s to “AWESOME!!” not to drive.

Inside the vehicle he was able to place a flip-out touchscreen that is used to control his lighting systems as well as to play movies, play music, and even control his GPS System. In the rear of the car, just in case it wasn’t “AWESOME!!” enough, he has a Ghost Busters bumper sticker, he plans to travel through matter, space, and time to hunt for those Ghosts! Check out the video below. To learn more: