Posted: 7 years ago
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When it comes to guns, some of the most “fun” ones are the ones that don’t kill. A paintball gun is one of those awesome ones, only problem, they make a freaking mess when you shoot someone. A water gun, is pretty cool also, but unfortunately they don’t give you the satisfaction with the lack of “bullets” and all

This new Paintball/Water Gun Hybrid fixes that problem, the gun in question is called the Xploderz Water Pellet Gun, it uses non-toxic balls of a super absorbent polymer made of acrylic acid sodium hydroxide, a bit of coloring, and some water. You simply soak the pellets in warm water for about four hours and you are ready to go.

The material was initially designed to help crops absorb water, they used to sell similar pellets at Wal Mart back in 2005, a small pellet absorbed the water and you could place it in your plants, the water would then soak out of it slowly and back onto the plant. Fortunately for us, this gun takes advantage of that same material so you can shoot your friends with it.

Another good thing, since they are not made out of plastic, the bullets don’t hurt as much, you still need to wear a pair of goggles though.

Via: Oh Gizmo!