Posted: 7 years ago
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No, you are not looking at a high tech oven mitt that reads how well your food is cooked. This is actually a Modular Portable Vacuum cleaner that, quite literally, sucks up, and cleans up dirt by brushing up your dirty surfaces. The glove is battery operated, and can be recharged after every use. It’s great for a quick clean up, or, a quick dusting before your family comes over.

The glove was designed by Christian Sallustro, and once you put on the glove, you can start to clean up just about anything you get your hands on. The debris is picked up through the bottom part of the glove, and is then circulated through a filter that breaks down the dirt and dust, and then is returned back into the room.  This circulation of  “dirty to clean air” means there is no longer a need to have any dirt bags or dirt tubes.

The glove is unfortunately not currently on sale, since it’s still just a concept design, but hopefully, someday in the future we’ll be able to have one of these in our homes. Quite literally, this glove is a duster on steroids. Not to mention, the technology of breaking down dust particles and sending the clean air back into the room alone would be an awesome technology and it could even be implemented into our AC units for cleaner air not just cleaner surfaces.

Christian Sallustro, via YankoDesign