Posted: 7 years ago
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When it comes to being innovative, nothing points that out better than a recycled beer can surfboard. This surfboard is made from 72 recycled beer cans. It was built by Rich Morrison, a San Diego Artist, and Gary Seagraves, a master surf boarder, the beer cans are covered in polyurethane and epoxy. Both keep water out, make the board lightweight, and give it a stiff center core to handle the harshest of all waves.

This new surfboard is an addition to Morrison’s Enviro Surf Art Series, only one of his many different Environmentally friendly boards. Morrison collects his cans from local bars, and some other “friends” around town.

This is a really awesome recycling project, we need more of these McGyvers in the world!

Enviro Surf Art Series, via TreeHugger