Posted: 7 years ago

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This is probably the first time that anyone has hacked a weight machine to play Still Alive to the Portal Ending. It was created by “evi1wombat ” I can safely say that he was very bored from the description of the video where he claims “I was very bored”

He took the exercise machine from his school’s gym, no he didn’t steal it, they were getting rid of it since it was busted beyond any type of imaginable repair, so he took the control panel and over the period of 3 days he was able to hack it, and chop it until it played Still Alive to the Ending of Portal.

Now he just needs to mass produce these things to play encouraging musing for fat people who want to lose weight, unless it makes them cry when they check their weight and see 300 pounds… “you are loosing weight”… “That was a joke…ha ha, fat chance” Check out his video below.