Posted: 7 years ago
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If you look at your computer desk, you probably have one of those extension chords under your desk, the only problem is that most of them are out of reach. So when you come in with your phone on it’s last bar, you have to practically move your entire desk and crawl in your hands and knees to plug in your charger. But what if you need an easy access plug?

That’s where How To Geek comes in to the rescue, You really don’t need any sophisticated parts or tools, most of them you can find at Lowes, or Home Depot which ever you prefer. You’ll need an Electric Outlet Box, A grounded extension cord, a wall outlet, and your desk. You’ll also need a way to saw into the desk and a way to do some wire stripping.

Then just screw in your box on the hole you made in the desk and you are golden. Make sure that when you make this project you follow some simple Electrical Rules, always ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! make sure that the power is off before you begin your project, also don’t forget to always connect + to + and – to – otherwise you’ll short your system(s) or Gadget(s)

Now if you want to look for a detailed step by step click here, if you want the simple steps here they are.

1) Get the Supplies.
2) Strip the ends of you extension chord and attach it to the back of the electrical box making sure to attach the + wire to the + terminal and the – wire to the – terminal.
3) put the box together
4) cut a hole into the back of your desk
5) screw in the box into the back of the hole in your desk.
6) Place a lid in the front of the box to make it look cool
7) Enjoy!