Posted: 6 years ago
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Learning a new language is hard, the whole “repetitive” and “parrot” training that people try to teach you at Foreign Language 101 in High School has a very low success rate. After a huge number of studies conducted by researchers across the globe, researchers have finally found that the best way to learn is actually use the langue little by little until you fully submerge yourself in the language. That’s why people who want to learn a language fluently move to countries where they can learn the Native language instead of the “book” language.

Chrome just recently released a new extension that makes language learning a whole lot easier. The extension is called the Language Immersion for Chrome, you simply turn on this feature and the app translates some of the words in the screen to which ever language you choose – except for Japanese. You can choose between Novice, Intermediate, or Fluent – once translated you can roll over the word and hear how the word is pronounced, and then clicking on the word translates the word back into English.

The reason this makes learning a language easier is because you are reading words that you already know and simply reading the word in another language. When you visit pages that you are very familiar with i.e. cars, science, food, then you can associate what the word is even if you don’t see it on the paragraph. For example if you love to read children stories and  always visited sites about children stories and you came across “Jack and Jill FUERON up the hill” you know what that translated word is. Slowly you begin to pick up words as you read through the pages. Eventually you can turn the settings to “fluent” and translate the full page.

There are some hiccups thought, the translation is not ALWAYS correct, but it’s good enough when you’re trying to learn. In Spanish mode, the translation sometimes used the wrong tense or the wrong gender, but overall, it’s a great addition to your browsing experience if you want to learn something special while you browse. via Hacker News