Posted: 5 years ago
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The Raspberry Pi seems to be the best out-of-the-box-hackable-pc around. And since it practically fits inside an altoids can, everyone has been coming up with different ways to use it. One of the best ways we’ve found so far comes from Instructables’ user Hackitbuildit.

He took the Raspberry Pi and turned it into a portable Dropbox. As you may know, dropbox is the service that allows you to back up all your files automatically “on the cloud”. But, if you want a more personalized service, then check this out.

Using an open source syncing service Owncloud to control the data, Hackitbuildit then took the Raspberry Pi  and attached an external hard disk and a wireless network card to be able to sync and store all the information in one place.

After he set everything up, he set up the server and got Owncloud installed on the Raspberry Pi, once that was done, he had a fully operational syncing service without any “strings attached” to the terms of service. For a more thorough explanation on what he did, check out his (dropbox clone) instructable.