Posted: 5 years ago
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I don’t know about you, but when I leave my key underneath the floormat for my family, I always have this horrible stomach twisting feeling that doesn’t seem to go away until I get home to see them there. Many people seem to have different places to hide keys for their loved ones, either inside fake rocks, under plants, under the floor mats, and even inside the doorbell’s secret compartments.

In case you need any more places to hide things, here is an awesome, inconspicuous place, to hide your key. The guys  over at PVC Workshop made this Key Hide Away water sprinkler system. The PVC pipe is waterproof and literally looks like a standard sprinkler.

Using a 4-inch long piece of 1-1/4-inch pipe with a threaded cap and couplers to mimic the appearance of an access point. Just assemble the pipe, add your keys, and bury it a few inches in the soil. Place it next to your plants, or in a row of other similar PVC pipes and only you will know where the key is.