Posted: 5 years ago
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I think I’ve seen my fair share of pumpkin designs these past couple of days, but this one is by far one of the best. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Gamer or if it’s because I love seeing things that I haven’t seen before, but this one is truly awesome!

The pumpkin is a playable electronic Tetris built into the inside of a pumpkin. Using the stem of the pumpkin, you can control the pieces as they fall down what its creator calls “the Pumpktris”. It’s literally brilliant! The pumpkin was designed by Nathan over at HaHa Bird. Unfortunately, according to him, he tends to write down all the crazy ideas in a piece of paper and stash them away for review at a later date. In 2011, he never got around to making his design, but this year as he was going through his idea notepad, he found the “Make Tetris Pumpkins” and he decided to act on it.

Originally, he had intended to make forms out of small pumpkins and turn them into Tetris pieces as they grew, then stack hem together on top of each other for Halloween. But because Halloween was only a few weeks away, he didn’t have time to grow them and shape them. So instead he thought “Why not make a pumpkin you can play Tetris on instead?”

And with that in mind, Nathan successfully created the world’s first Tetris pumpkin videogame console. The pumpkin took him several hours of work, not only did he have to carve out the small squares, but he had to solder an LED Matrix program, but after all of this was complete, he made the video listed above. If you want to learn how to do your own pumpkin, you can follow the how to tutorial on Haha Bird – Cross posted from Dork Rebels