Welcome to the official page of Home Made Innovations. Where we will teach how to make innovative creations and where we will show you how we debunk Myths and projects found on the internet. If it doesnt work, we will make it work! And best of all, we will show you how to make it work, if you have any questions or suggestions send us a message and we will respond ASAP. We will discuss everything from simple hacks, pranks, and just things to do in general with a low budget. Forget about these people who waste your money making a useless gadget. We will replicate their gadget and test it out, if it works, then great, but if it fails we will show you how to make it work. And even if it does work, we will make it better :) We are a group of Tinkerers, Engineers, and Just Curious College Studens and College Grads facinated with Technology and D.I.Y projects.

Want us to test something out? Send us what you want to see