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Posted: 7 years ago

How to become a Bounty Hunter

Several people have asked us how to do it, where to start and really Fugitive Recovery starts by reading laws in your home state and doing a lot of research in your home area. Then marked your self to the best of your ability or contact outside help

Posted: 7 years ago

How to make a clock in a Jar

how to make the clock in a jar, a design made famous by an art student from Jerusalem in which he wanted to show how to catch time in a jar. We hope yall enjoy this video and like always visit our website at for additional projects

Posted: 7 years ago

Silenced Potato Cannon

Hey guys we finally got this to work, we made a Silencer for our potato cannon after a couple of failed attempts at an idea we finished it. We hope you guys like it :) keep in touch for our next episode

Posted: 7 years ago

How to make Flashing LED lights

We made an LED light bar that dances or beats to the beat of Music, this is actually way simpler than it sounds and we hope yall enjoy this video as much as we did

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Posted: 7 years ago

LED lights that flash to the sound of music

bounce to the beat of music, we’ll be uploading the “how to” video as soon as we get everything together, so stay updated and visit our website at WWW.HM-Innovations.COM where you can find our most current videos. We hope you like them and thanks for watching!

Posted: 7 years ago

How to make the Ultimate Sandwich

Welcome to our first recipe that we learned back in college, this video will teach you how to make one awesome sandwich! we hope ya’ll enjoy it!