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How do fiber optic cables work?

Fiber Optics are an amazing engineering achievement, they help us communicate with one another across vast distances, additionally, they help us send information, and light to where we need. Trying to explain how they work is as hard as solving an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum

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Weight Machine plays Portal Ending – Still Alive

This is probably the first time that anyone has hacked a weight machine to play Still Alive to the Portal Ending. It was created by “evi1wombat ” I can safely say that he was very bored from the description of the video where he claims “I was very bored&#

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Glove Vacuum: Cleaning Power in your Hands!

No, you are not looking at a high tech oven mitt that reads how well your food is cooked. This is actually a Modular Portable Vacuum cleaner that, quite literally, sucks up, and cleans up dirt by brushing up your dirty surfaces

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How to make Flashing LED lights

We made an LED light bar that dances or beats to the beat of Music, this is actually way simpler than it sounds and we hope yall enjoy this video as much as we did

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LED lights that flash to the sound of music

bounce to the beat of music, we’ll be uploading the “how to” video as soon as we get everything together, so stay updated and visit our website at WWW.HM-Innovations.COM where you can find our most current videos. We hope you like them and thanks for watching!

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How to make a Camera Shocker

The other videos found online that teach you how to make a disposable camera shocker uses the capacitors power to shock you, in reality this kind of “tazer” burns your skin rather than shock you. Our version of the small tazer actually shocks you for a continuous amount of time