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How to make an Anoyatron

We created a small 555 Mind Mangler using a 555 Timer Chip. This mangler creates a very high pitch sound that makes it very difficult to detect. This Mangler is similar to the Annoyatron by Think Geek except that it doesn’t have a delay and it’s a constant sound

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How to transmit sound using a laser

So you want to learn how to transmit sound using a laser? the implications are actually pretty good, you can send sound without having to use wires or cables, which means that theoretically you can send sound as far as the laser can reach. If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is!

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How to make a coil Gun

Coil guns are not that hard to make really, you just need to have a basic and simple understanding at how magnets work and a whole bunch of being careful You can actually make a simple Coil Gun with the parts you find inside your picture camera. Here is how