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Piranha Plant Cupcakes

Supermario cupcakes are pretty much amazing, everything from the Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes to, now, this one!

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How to Make a Cupcake Push Pop

This is our new cupcake video, we mixed the classic cupcake, with the modern pushpop! this tasted awesome! I hope you guy’s enjoy this video and enjoy the cupcakes once you get them down!

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Supermario Cupcakes

The wife decided to make the Super Mario 1Up and “grow up” red Mushroom Cupcakes. Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did. We all know how popular Super Mario is, and for the longest time I’m sure you wanted to try out those mushrooms, unfortunately they were to 8bit to UN-Digitalize, that’s [&hellip

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How to make Decorative Cupcakes

Welcome to another episode where we cook with the wife, she’s making a set of cupcakes, and teaching you how to decorate them. Visit our website at http://www.hm-innovations.com to watch more of her cupcakes

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Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

If you want to make your own Chocolate strawberry cupcakes than watch this video, if not… then I dont know what to tell you. They taste very good, you just have to take our work on it