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Plug-in Alarm Clock Turns Your Vacuum Cleaner Into an Alarm Clock

Are you tired of always waking up via the same old sound? how about having an alarm clock that can turn any actual appliance into an alarm system? Instead of having a blasting siren, instead you can have a vacuum cleaner come on

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Recycled Beer Can Surfboard

When it comes to being innovative, nothing points that out better than a recycled beer can surfboard. This surfboard is made from 72 recycled beer cans

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Glove Vacuum: Cleaning Power in your Hands!

No, you are not looking at a high tech oven mitt that reads how well your food is cooked. This is actually a Modular Portable Vacuum cleaner that, quite literally, sucks up, and cleans up dirt by brushing up your dirty surfaces

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Montana man builds gaming controllers for quadriplegic gamers

Reposted from Tek-Bull: For most of us pressing the trigger button while tilting the joystick, and knocking down your enemies using a series of combinations and button presses, is an every day struggle in the gaming world. But for quadriplegics, a simple action like pressing the A button and tilting the wheel is a challenge [&hellip

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Chinese Man builds Ultra real iron man suit

We’ve seen our fair share of Iron Man suits in the past, but this is the first time that we see the “pre” Iron Man suit from the Iron Man series (the one tony stark made on the cave)

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How to make a clock in a Jar

how to make the clock in a jar, a design made famous by an art student from Jerusalem in which he wanted to show how to catch time in a jar. We hope yall enjoy this video and like always visit our website at www.hm-innovations.com for additional projects