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Silenced Potato Cannon

Hey guys we finally got this to work, we made a Silencer for our potato cannon after a couple of failed attempts at an idea we finished it. We hope you guys like it :) keep in touch for our next episode

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How to make a PC Mouse Robot

This is a really cool project, if you want to have “mouse” problems that is. We added some wheels to the bot, and helped it “think” with two simple buttons… okay so maybe it’s not thinking but it’s pretty cool. Hope yall like it

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How to make a Helping Hand Station

If you do any type of soldering, then you know the importance of having a good pair of helping hands. Check out how to make your own by watching the video below. It has everything you need, from it’s own LED light to a battery and a soldering gun holder and cleaner

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How to Hack a lighter

Sometimes, you need to have an extra powerful lighter that has an extra powerful flame, so here is an easy way to hack a lighter to make the flame even bigger than it’s supposed to be. Who knows, you might want to use it for our Altoids Gas Powered Grill

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How to make the Altoid Gas Grill

I’m sure you have seen the Altoid Grill all over youtube, but I’m sure this is the first time you’ve seen the Altoid GAS Grill, if you have seen it before, then I stand corrected if not, Then this is how to do it! hope you enjoy this!

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How to Make a Cryptex

In the Davinci Code, Dan Brown talked about a device called the Cryptex, this is our interpretation of of that device. It works the same way as a bike lock