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Build an Electrical Outlet on your Desk

If you look at your computer desk, you probably have one of those extension chords under your desk, the only problem is that most of them are out of reach. So when you come in with your phone on it’s last bar, you have to practically move your entire desk and crawl in your hands [&hellip

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Weight Machine plays Portal Ending – Still Alive

This is probably the first time that anyone has hacked a weight machine to play Still Alive to the Portal Ending. It was created by “evi1wombat ” I can safely say that he was very bored from the description of the video where he claims “I was very bored&#

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How to make a Facebook Landing Page

we’ll teach you how to make a simple Facebook Fan Landing Page, the page will increase your “likes” since it calls the viewer to a “like” Action. Good Luck!

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How to make a Game Cube Desk Organizer

If you have Game cube laying around the house this cool modification will allow you to turn it into a desk organizer and give the cube a new chance at life in your office, or in your desk… better than what it’s doing right now in the closet you know

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How to make a Camera Shocker

The other videos found online that teach you how to make a disposable camera shocker uses the capacitors power to shock you, in reality this kind of “tazer” burns your skin rather than shock you. Our version of the small tazer actually shocks you for a continuous amount of time

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How to make an Anoyatron

We created a small 555 Mind Mangler using a 555 Timer Chip. This mangler creates a very high pitch sound that makes it very difficult to detect. This Mangler is similar to the Annoyatron by Think Geek except that it doesn’t have a delay and it’s a constant sound