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How to make a PC Mouse Robot

This is a really cool project, if you want to have “mouse” problems that is. We added some wheels to the bot, and helped it “think” with two simple buttons… okay so maybe it’s not thinking but it’s pretty cool. Hope yall like it

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How to make an Electric Heated Sweater

In the winter time it’s kind of hard to keep warm, specially when your sweaters are either to hot, or to cold, so we decided to add a battery station to our sweater so it can turn on and off and keep us warm only when we need it the most

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How to make a Night light from a Scanner

If you have a scanner laying around the house that no longer works or it’s life has come and passed, don’t throw it away, hack it and make something cool out of it! If the lamp still works, that means you can make a very cool night light! Ours had an RGB light so check [&hellip

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Free Xbox 360 Wireless Router

Unless you want to pay for the 100 dollar wireless router from Microsoft, this is probably your best bet, it’s actually a really cool way of playing Xbox live using your computer as a modem and router. Hope this helps you guys out a little bit

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How to Hack a lighter

Sometimes, you need to have an extra powerful lighter that has an extra powerful flame, so here is an easy way to hack a lighter to make the flame even bigger than it’s supposed to be. Who knows, you might want to use it for our Altoids Gas Powered Grill

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How to transmit sound using a laser

So you want to learn how to transmit sound using a laser? the implications are actually pretty good, you can send sound without having to use wires or cables, which means that theoretically you can send sound as far as the laser can reach. If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is!