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How to Build a Hidden Key PVC Pike Sprinkler

I don’t know about you, but when I leave my key underneath the floormat for my family, I always have this horrible stomach twisting feeling that doesn’t seem to go away until I get home to see them there. Many people seem to have different places to hide keys for their loved ones, either inside [&hellip

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Super Spooky LED Eyes for Halloween

Are you looking for a simple electronic spooky project in time for Wednesday night? Well, Instructables user vatosupreme created these spooky blinking eyes that you can set up in a couple of minutes. You simply get a set of colored eyes that blink randomly using a ATtiny85 microcontroller, and an Arduino to program the eyes and hide them in [&hellip

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How to make a projector out of an old laptop monitor

I have a couple of laptops laying around the hose, some still come on, but the screen is so dim that you can’t really make sense of the words anymore. Tinkernut came up with an awesome way to bring that computer back to life, he teaches you how to Make a cheap projector using an [&hellip

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Build an Electrical Outlet on your Desk

If you look at your computer desk, you probably have one of those extension chords under your desk, the only problem is that most of them are out of reach. So when you come in with your phone on it’s last bar, you have to practically move your entire desk and crawl in your hands [&hellip

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Weight Machine plays Portal Ending – Still Alive

This is probably the first time that anyone has hacked a weight machine to play Still Alive to the Portal Ending. It was created by “evi1wombat ” I can safely say that he was very bored from the description of the video where he claims “I was very bored&#

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Recycled Beer Can Surfboard

When it comes to being innovative, nothing points that out better than a recycled beer can surfboard. This surfboard is made from 72 recycled beer cans