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How to make a dry erase board

watch this video to learn how to make a dry erase board, an easy project for teachers, students, business people, or just putting them up at walls so your children can draw on it for you :)

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How to become a Bounty Hunter

Several people have asked us how to do it, where to start and really Fugitive Recovery starts by reading laws in your home state and doing a lot of research in your home area. Then marked your self to the best of your ability or contact outside help

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How to make a clock in a Jar

how to make the clock in a jar, a design made famous by an art student from Jerusalem in which he wanted to show how to catch time in a jar. We hope yall enjoy this video and like always visit our website at www.hm-innovations.com for additional projects

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How to make a Hookah

We teach you how to make a home made hookah out of an alcohol bottle or any other type of base that you want. It’s a great and creative hookah for your lounge

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