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Super Spooky LED Eyes for Halloween

Are you looking for a simple electronic spooky project in time for Wednesday night? Well, Instructables user vatosupreme created these spooky blinking eyes that you can set up in a couple of minutes. You simply get a set of colored eyes that blink randomly using a ATtiny85 microcontroller, and an Arduino to program the eyes and hide them in [&hellip

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How to Make Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Glow – Mod

One of the coolest things that Apple computers have is the glowing Apple in the back of the monitor, the iPhone has a similar Apple logo in the rear of the phone, but sadly it doesn’t light up – until now. Making your iPhone’s apple glow takes about 10 minutes, all you need is a [&hellip

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How to make Flashing LED lights

We made an LED light bar that dances or beats to the beat of Music, this is actually way simpler than it sounds and we hope yall enjoy this video as much as we did

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LED lights that flash to the sound of music

bounce to the beat of music, we’ll be uploading the “how to” video as soon as we get everything together, so stay updated and visit our website at WWW.HM-Innovations.COM where you can find our most current videos. We hope you like them and thanks for watching!

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How to make a Night light from a Scanner

If you have a scanner laying around the house that no longer works or it’s life has come and passed, don’t throw it away, hack it and make something cool out of it! If the lamp still works, that means you can make a very cool night light! Ours had an RGB light so check [&hellip

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the Magic LED Lightbulb

Transistors, Transistors, Transistors, they do wonders, we’ll teach you how to make an easy and simple project that detects your skin’s “current” if your hands are wet, it’ll light up brighter. Check out how to make the Magic LED light bulb!