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Chinese Man builds Ultra real iron man suit

We’ve seen our fair share of Iron Man suits in the past, but this is the first time that we see the “pre” Iron Man suit from the Iron Man series (the one tony stark made on the cave)

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Paintball/Watergun Hybrid gun

When it comes to guns, some of the most “fun” ones are the ones that don’t kill. A paintball gun is one of those awesome ones, only problem, they make a freaking mess when you shoot someone. A water gun, is pretty cool also, but unfortunately they don’t give you the satisfaction with the lack [&hellip

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How to make a Game Cube Desk Organizer

If you have Game cube laying around the house this cool modification will allow you to turn it into a desk organizer and give the cube a new chance at life in your office, or in your desk… better than what it’s doing right now in the closet you know

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How to make a Hookah

We teach you how to make a home made hookah out of an alcohol bottle or any other type of base that you want. It’s a great and creative hookah for your lounge

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How to make an Anoyatron

We created a small 555 Mind Mangler using a 555 Timer Chip. This mangler creates a very high pitch sound that makes it very difficult to detect. This Mangler is similar to the Annoyatron by Think Geek except that it doesn’t have a delay and it’s a constant sound

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How to make a Helping Hand Station

If you do any type of soldering, then you know the importance of having a good pair of helping hands. Check out how to make your own by watching the video below. It has everything you need, from it’s own LED light to a battery and a soldering gun holder and cleaner