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Free Xbox 360 Wireless Router

Unless you want to pay for the 100 dollar wireless router from Microsoft, this is probably your best bet, it’s actually a really cool way of playing Xbox live using your computer as a modem and router. Hope this helps you guys out a little bit

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How to Revamp a DDR Dance Pad

DDR Pretty much died when it came to the consoles at home, they practically fell apart as people danced on their low quality materials, but thanks to this new mod, you can have a good working dance pad at home!

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ECTO88- A DeLorean, Kitt, Jet Car, and Ecto-1 mixture

DeLorean with a little bit of Kitt, a little Jet Car and a little Ecto-1. that’s what you get when you let Ernie have his way with his vehicle. He modded his vehicle to create the Ecto88, a “time traveling, ghost-busting, dimension hopping ectomobile.”