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Automatic Trashcan Moves Around to Catch the Things You Throw Up in the Air

Directly from Japan comes this automatic trash can which allows you to not even be 1/100th of  a basket player your neighborhood “pro” is in the court. Simply throw the trash towards the general direction of the can, and using a kinect, the can moves around the floor trying to catch it in the air. [&hellip

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Chinese Man builds Ultra real iron man suit

We’ve seen our fair share of Iron Man suits in the past, but this is the first time that we see the “pre” Iron Man suit from the Iron Man series (the one tony stark made on the cave)

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How to make a PC Mouse Robot

This is a really cool project, if you want to have “mouse” problems that is. We added some wheels to the bot, and helped it “think” with two simple buttons… okay so maybe it’s not thinking but it’s pretty cool. Hope yall like it

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Intricate Steampunk “Robots”

Steampunk has sprung up all of the sudden, people crafting computers,  Televisions, and even cellphones out of the copper pieces etc. This guy decided to take that one step further and he began to create Steampunk insect designs, he calls them, the Athrobots

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