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How to make a Hookah

We teach you how to make a home made hookah out of an alcohol bottle or any other type of base that you want. It’s a great and creative hookah for your lounge

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How to make a Camera Shocker

The other videos found online that teach you how to make a disposable camera shocker uses the capacitors power to shock you, in reality this kind of “tazer” burns your skin rather than shock you. Our version of the small tazer actually shocks you for a continuous amount of time

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How to make an Anoyatron

We created a small 555 Mind Mangler using a 555 Timer Chip. This mangler creates a very high pitch sound that makes it very difficult to detect. This Mangler is similar to the Annoyatron by Think Geek except that it doesn’t have a delay and it’s a constant sound

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How to make a PC Mouse Robot

This is a really cool project, if you want to have “mouse” problems that is. We added some wheels to the bot, and helped it “think” with two simple buttons… okay so maybe it’s not thinking but it’s pretty cool. Hope yall like it

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How to make an Electric Heated Sweater

In the winter time it’s kind of hard to keep warm, specially when your sweaters are either to hot, or to cold, so we decided to add a battery station to our sweater so it can turn on and off and keep us warm only when we need it the most

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How to make a Helping Hand Station

If you do any type of soldering, then you know the importance of having a good pair of helping hands. Check out how to make your own by watching the video below. It has everything you need, from it’s own LED light to a battery and a soldering gun holder and cleaner