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How to make a Night light from a Scanner

If you have a scanner laying around the house that no longer works or it’s life has come and passed, don’t throw it away, hack it and make something cool out of it! If the lamp still works, that means you can make a very cool night light! Ours had an RGB light so check [&hellip

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Free Xbox 360 Wireless Router

Unless you want to pay for the 100 dollar wireless router from Microsoft, this is probably your best bet, it’s actually a really cool way of playing Xbox live using your computer as a modem and router. Hope this helps you guys out a little bit

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the Magic LED Lightbulb

Transistors, Transistors, Transistors, they do wonders, we’ll teach you how to make an easy and simple project that detects your skin’s “current” if your hands are wet, it’ll light up brighter. Check out how to make the Magic LED light bulb!

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How to Hack a lighter

Sometimes, you need to have an extra powerful lighter that has an extra powerful flame, so here is an easy way to hack a lighter to make the flame even bigger than it’s supposed to be. Who knows, you might want to use it for our Altoids Gas Powered Grill

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How to make the Altoid Gas Grill

I’m sure you have seen the Altoid Grill all over youtube, but I’m sure this is the first time you’ve seen the Altoid GAS Grill, if you have seen it before, then I stand corrected if not, Then this is how to do it! hope you enjoy this!

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How to Make a Cryptex

In the Davinci Code, Dan Brown talked about a device called the Cryptex, this is our interpretation of of that device. It works the same way as a bike lock