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How to make an Altoid LED Light

I love Altoid boxes, specially altoid minis, you can make a large variety of projects using Altoid boxes alone, they were practically designed for projects. Not really, but you get the Idea, we made an LED Light just to show you what we mean

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How to transmit sound using a laser

So you want to learn how to transmit sound using a laser? the implications are actually pretty good, you can send sound without having to use wires or cables, which means that theoretically you can send sound as far as the laser can reach. If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is!

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How to Revamp a DDR Dance Pad

DDR Pretty much died when it came to the consoles at home, they practically fell apart as people danced on their low quality materials, but thanks to this new mod, you can have a good working dance pad at home!

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How to make a coil Gun

Coil guns are not that hard to make really, you just need to have a basic and simple understanding at how magnets work and a whole bunch of being careful You can actually make a simple Coil Gun with the parts you find inside your picture camera. Here is how

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ECTO88- A DeLorean, Kitt, Jet Car, and Ecto-1 mixture

DeLorean with a little bit of Kitt, a little Jet Car and a little Ecto-1. that’s what you get when you let Ernie have his way with his vehicle. He modded his vehicle to create the Ecto88, a “time traveling, ghost-busting, dimension hopping ectomobile.”

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Intricate Steampunk “Robots”

Steampunk has sprung up all of the sudden, people crafting computers,  Televisions, and even cellphones out of the copper pieces etc. This guy decided to take that one step further and he began to create Steampunk insect designs, he calls them, the Athrobots